Pensacola, FL Weekend Getaway

This weekend we took a rare mini vacay! Best. Weekend. Ever!

After driving through Pensacola on our way to Disney in February, I fell in love and have been itching to go back this summer. When we went back to school I put it out of my mind and figured we would wait until next year to go.

Then! Two weekends ago Hali asked her dad to please take her to Galveston once more this summer and I cringed. The last couple times we’ve been the beaches where COVERED in seaweed and frankly, smelt terrible.

But! Jeremy quickly chimed in with a casual “why don’t we go to Florida?”. I may have squealed like a little girl. A weekend at a (clean) beach sounded like HEAVEN! The beginning of the school year always gets to me, and a little weekend at the beach would be the perfect way to force me to relax and recharge.

Late Thursday after Houston traffic died down we headed out with plans to make it to Louisiana before stopping. And we did! We made it to Baton Rouge and stayed at a gorgeous hotel/casino there- L’Auberge. Jeremy was a happy man. While he got in a few hands of blackjack (and won enough to pay for the hotel room that night! Whoot!) Hali and I found a little coffee place that was open 24 hours and got hot chocolate and dessert.



By mid-afternoon on Friday we were in Pensacola, hunting for seashells and working on our tans.


Fifteen years ago, my husband lived in Florida for a while and has great memories of fresh Krispy Kreme doughnuts. When we passed by one as we were cruising around town, Jeremy actually screamed (in a very manly way, of course, that didn’t sound one bit like Spongebob). Then turned the car into Krispy Kreme and lined us up inside to watch the doughnuts being glazed. We went back the next day as well. These doughnuts were AMAZING! They were so fresh they were almost too hot to eat. But we persevered. It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta eat all those delicious morsels of heaven. See the look of pure ecstasy on his face?




Lunch was here:


A cute hipster-esque place called Red Fish Blue Fish. It looked like the whole place was pieced together using reclaimed materials. It’s all outdoor seating, which was fine by me- the view is great and there were games! Hali and I played giant jenga and giant connect four while we waiting for our food. The food was fresh and delicious. Highly recommend. Especially for the littles.


Saturday night we had some scattered thunderstorms and it cooled things off nicely. In between storms, I decided an evening walk on the beach and a swim sounded like the perfect way to end our visit. So we walked down to the beach and ended up really enjoying ourselves.





A couple circuits around the lazy river and a rainbow finished our evening off.



That night we sat out on the balcony and watched the storm moving out over the Gulf of Mexico. It’s a very cool experience to see all that lightening over the water. The perfect ending to our weekend away.

Excuse the iPhone photos- I didn’t bring my camera. Leaving Thursday night instead of Friday morning was a last minute decision so loading up the car was done very quickly and some things were forgotten.

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