Faux Mercury Glass Cake Stand


This cake stand has been in my kitchen for years. A few weeks ago I got that itch to spray paint something. This itch occurs pretty often, so I spray paint a lot.

The victim this time was a plain glass cake stand. As I inspected the pedestal it occurred to me that it would look so much more up to date if it were mercury glass. And also BLING! Erm, wait. No one says that any more, huh? Well. SHINEY! Yes. SHINEY.

So I taped and papered the rest of the base, misted it with some water and spray painted it using Looking Glass by Krylon.


Because a girl needs sparkle and a pretty place to put baked goods. Preferably cookies.


*Sugar cookie recipe was a new one I tried for the first time and was much easier to make than the recipe I’ve been using for the past dozen years! And it has a super easy and fun way to shape them that the littles can do themselves! Recipe via Vintage Revival.


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